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Why You Need This One Page Business Plan to Unlock Your Business Idea to Life

Why This One Page Business Plan will Unlock Your Business Idea to Life

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Why You Need This One Page Business Plan to Unlock Your Business Idea to Life

Part of starting a business is having a business plan. It allows an entrepreneur to bring their ideas to life. If you don’t have the vision then it will be very hard to path your way to success. 

But then gone are the days one would sit down for hours and hours preparing a 50-page business plan. This 50-page document serving as your business plan was where the entire vision for the business idea was captured. It was more or less based on uncalculated assumptions and hypothesis.

But here at Founder360°, we believe that simplicity is the key to selling the vision for your idea. A business plan is the backbone of any business and the clarity in it needs no further assertion.

We have designed a special One-page business plan that captures the key vision of what your Idea is all about and communicates effectively the essence of your idea.

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Inspired by Eric Lies’ “The Lean Startupand Alexander Osterwalder’s “The New Business Model Canvas Approach”. The One-page business plan allows you to validate your idea much faster than spending countless hours of designing unrealistic sales projections graphs.

This plan limits you to a maximum of two sentences when answering some of the key pointers asked about your idea. Some of the questions asked in this plan are:

  • Problem: What problems are you solving?
  • Solution: How will you solve this problem?
  • Target: Who are your most important target, customers? (Age/Gender, etc.)
  • Revenue: What will be the average cost of your product/service, etc)?

The One Page business plan serves as a guide through these aspects and beyond, breaking all the essential elements into straightforward questions.

The questions provide building blocks of your business fitting together on just one page.

You will be able to validate your idea into a One Minute pitch engaging potential clients or even investors.

Download your copy of the One Page Business plan

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