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What Killed Your Startup? What Would You Do Differently Next Time?

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What Killed Your Startup? What Would You Do Differently Next Time?

If you have previously run a failed startup, this might be a question you are familiar with; if yet, then I am sure this is a question you dread to ever ask yourself.

As a topic we have previously covered in this platform, failure is inevitable; it is the necessary evil that you have to go through. In fact, as an entrepreneur you’re going to fail, you’ll spend cash and lots of it.

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You’ll build products out of uncalculated assumptions and no one will like them. You’ll have painful and expensive experiences that you wouldn’t want to try again.

The above question was posted sometime last year on Twitter by Jason Calacanis, the Founder and CEO of Launch, a firm that invests in early-stage startups through its accelerator program.

This was followed by a series of responses from individuals who identified deeply with the question; and shared the reasons why their startup/product failed.

The responses provide an overview of the main reasons why many startups fail, and a learning pad for anyone who is about to or currently building a startup.

“What killed your startup?  What would you do differently next time? Be 100% candid.”

Reason 1: Lack of product-market fit

Reason 2: Not user-friendly

Reason 3: No market need

Reason 4: Not the right co-founder

Reason 5: Running out of cash

Reason 6: Lack of vision/execution

Reason 7: Losing focus

You can follow the thread to see other different reasons why startups are failing. 

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