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Villgro Kenya Opens US$50,000 Call for Health Innovations in Response to COVID-19


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Villgro Kenya Opens US$50,000 Call for Health Innovations in Response to COVID-19

Villgro Kenya is looking for frontline solutions and innovations that can help carry societies through this season and in a post-COVID-19 world.

More importantly, there’s need to come together as a community and industry in support of these entrepreneurs and make sure the necessary resources and support are available.

Partnership Opportunity for Private Sector, Academia and Government: A triple helix approach to respond to COVID 19

Public health experts predict that social distancing with periods of total lockdown may continue for the next 18 months before a vaccine is ready. Furthermore, the outbreak could come in waves rather than in one single event.

Countries should, therefore, prepare for a far-reaching health, economic and social crisis. Developing countries will need to develop homegrown solutions given that the traditional crisis response actors are focused on the domestic front. 

Considering the magnitude of this challenge, Villgro proposes a triple helix approach where government, academia and the private sector join hands to support local innovations that can be scaled across the continent in response to the COVID 19 outbreaks.

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VK invites startups with technologies and innovations that could help in treating, testing, monitoring or other aspects of the Coronavirus outbreak. Key themes include.

  • Registry-based follow-up of critically ill patients.
  • Emergency response
  • Medical devices and commodities such as quality affordable ventilators 
  • Sanitizer manufacture
  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Respirator masks and drug delivery system
  • Risk communication, social dynamics and public health response. 
  • Supporting healthcare system response including infection prevention and control
  • Best practice to protect health care workers.

Innovators, companies and startups with a proven solution can reach out to the Villgro Kenya with their pitch deck on before the April 15th 2020.

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