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These are the 30 Startups Shortlisted to Pitch at 2018 Demo Africa 2018 in Casablanca


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These are the 30 Startups Shortlisted to Pitch at 2018 Demo Africa 2018 in Casablanca

After several competitions across various cities in Africa, DEMO Africa has finally selected 30 startups from across the continent to take part in its Launchpad event in Casablanca, Morocco in October.

This is the first time for DEMO Africa to take place in Northern Africa after previous editions were held in in Johannesburg Nairobi and Lagos.

DEMO Africa will have 5 selected finalists to participate in the 2019 edition of the Lions@frica Innovation Tour in Silicon Valley as DEMO Ambassadors.

These are the 30 startups to pitch in Casablanca.



Cloud9XP: is an online marketplace where anyone can book online “High on Life” experience such as flying, adventure, extreme outdoor activities handpicked by their seasonal experience masters. 

Sote: Sote is an AI-powered broker platform for logistics services across Africa. Sote streamlines collaboration between logistics services. Sote makes seamless, realtime logistics in Africa real. Affordable. Reliable. Logistics.

Zipora: Zipora is a smart luggage innovation with a patent-pending zipper that is breach-proof, and a security device that makes any zipped luggage smart. The smart device comes with a GPS tracker, a tensioner and vibration sensor to monitor luggage handling and breach attempts.



Accounteer: Accounteer is a cloud-based accounting platform that allows SMEs to create invoices, track expenses and receive online payments.

Termii: An online platform that helps teams secure repeat customers by sending personalized emails and sms through multiple channels.


South Africa

Lula: This a multi-platform community for transport that connects stakeholders to improve mobility by providing transit that is convenient, safe and accessible to all.

Regenize: A recycling collections company which rewards people for recycling while sensitizing them about the benefits of recycling.

Brayfoil Technologies: Brayfoil is a morphing, auto-setting wing (aka. aerofoil or wing sail), which seamlessly changes camber and thickness, providing the optimal angle of attack for the desired lift, drag and thrust, be it in wind or water.



Atlan Space: Atlan Space is a technology company building networks of UAVs guided by Artificial Intelligence to scan large marine areas for environmental threats.

Moldiag: Moldiag is an E-health startup that produces affordable diagnostic kits to detect diseases and viral infections

Casky: Casky is the world’s first BlockChain based, Artificial Intelligence platform that offers users a chance to earn an appreciative asset/income by driving safely via a rewards-based system.

Kourtim: Kourtim is a logistics management system that provides real-time monitoring to all the stages of road freight transport.



Complete Farmer: A crowd farming platform that makes it easy for people to invest, monitor and manage farms in exchange for guaranteed returns on investment after harvest all on their mobile devices from the comfort of their homes with IoT and climate-smart farming technologies.

Devless: DevLess offers a platform that enables its customers to build backends for their web and mobile applications.

Qualitrace: A traceability and anti-counterfeiting technology company empowering farmers and consumers to trace and verify farm inputs and food produce on the market respectively. 

Redbird : Redbird partners with local pharmacies to provide rapid test technology for chronic and acute conditions, enabling them to expand their business, and giving patients a convenient way to monitor their health, wherever they are.



Chefaa Medicine Delivery: Chefaa Medicine Delivery is a mobile medical application that allows users to order, refill and receive prescriptions seamlessly.

Niotek: NIOTEK is a startup that joins hardware and Software and applies them in Internet of Things (IoT) to help companies make better, faster decisions about their manufacturing operations. 

Voxera: VoxEra is a revolutionary device that provides travelers with a mobile roaming service that is similar to telecoms but at much lower prices. 



Dabchy: A localized fashion marketplace where women can buy and sell their new or used fashion items online.

Hawkar: A social innovative Tunisian startup, aimed at anyone who wants to have an adapted vehicle especially dedicated to people with reduced mobility.

Toufoula: Toufoula Kids is an educational application in the Arabic language for children aged 4 to 10 years old accompanied by other extracted products such as a smart magazine.


Cote D’Ivoire

Maurice Communications: A wearable technology company that provides health-tech solutions targeted towards emergency response, data collection and information dissemination for medical and emergency personnel.

WeflyAgri: A drone based agritech solution that helps farmers to remotely monitor their farms and identify inefficiencies in production for better management of their land.



Zuoix: An SMS based car security system that does not require any form of internet connectivity to locate, immobilize and geofence cars.



Smarth: Smarth provides innovative analytical and predictive solutions for any problem involving massive amounts of data.



ADN Corp: ADN is building applications to help African companies to improve their sales, marketing, and finance operations with decision support analytics systems



Tempest Gold: The Tempest Gold app allows users to search for properties, connect directly with the buyer/seller and eliminate middlemen.



Travelbudds: Travelbudds is the social network for young, mobile, connected, travel lovers looking for the most authentic ways to discover the world and share their experiences.



VertoFX: A decentralized price discovery and currency exchange platform for illiquid currencies.

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