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The Dapper Brother Shares Top Personal Branding Tips For Entrepreneurs

Muriuki Kagiri

Growth Strategies

The Dapper Brother Shares Top Personal Branding Tips For Entrepreneurs

The Dapper Brother Shares Top Personal Branding Tips For Entrepreneurs

Muriuki Kagiri is the founder and voice of “ The Dapper Brother ” brand is a personal style blog where he shares style tips, outfit inspiration, explores fashion trends, and reviews products. His blog is focussed on menswear providing personal style tips for men in a quest to inspire them to create their own unique personal image.

Muriuki has dived into the world more associated with the feminine kind. His demeanor and style of dressing points directly to a world characterized by elegance, couture, and frill.

Muriuki Kagiri started The Dapper Brother brand in April 2015 having been inspired by the fact that there was little content in the market on menswear, men styling and men’s fashion collectively. By then, the thought of blogging was not in place; Muriuki had previously graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Information technology and established himself professionally as UI/UX designer.

Having identified that the specific niche was unsaturated, he proceeded to establish his brand by gathering his past experience as a commercial model having collaborated with international brands such as Coca-Cola and Airtel.

The Dapper Brother brand has experienced immense success and growth over the past 2 years; commanding a massive following of over 20K followers across his social media platforms.

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In 2015, he won the MIMI Fashion blogger contest which had over 98% female blog entries of the total 200 entries. Muriuki has also won the Kenya Glamour Awards 2016 Blog of The Year and received nominations for ABRYANZ Style & Fashion Awards 2016 (Best Fashion Blogger – Africa).

Muriuki has and is currently working with brands such OPPO, Deacons, Daniel Wellington, Dapper Time, Switch Limited, and TOMAZ Italy. And He is currently the Kenyan brand ambassador for the Samsung Galaxy A-Series.

The Dapper Brother who has not only solidly established himself as model or fashion blogger but also as a top men’s image consultant in the region.

He shares with us the importance of personal image for professionals and entrepreneurs.


Tell us a bit about how you started the dapper brother brand?
Having an interest in fashion, specifically menswear, I was always scouring the internet for inspiration. There wasn’t a lot of content locally at the time, as I only knew of two other male bloggers in Kenya, so I saw an opportunity to establish my brand as the niche was unsaturated at the time.


What drove or inspired you to get into blogging, fashion, and personal branding?
Funny, I had never thought of becoming a blogger until mid-2015. Once it crossed my mind, I didn’t even think twice about it. I wanted to share my perspective on menswear and personal style and the blog provided a sort of a blank canvas for me to express myself and inspire other men to look good.


How do you generate revenue as a fashion blogger?
The sources of revenue from my blog & social channels stems mainly from sponsored content and brand collaborations. Many big brands are starting to embrace influencer marketing as it appeals to a very specific audience; so conversion rates from this marketing technique tends to be higher than traditional advertising.


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How would you define personal image and branding? What does it entail?
Personal branding is essentially an ongoing process of establishing a predefined impression in the mind of others about oneself.  It is how people look to create an identity for themselves that they would like to be seen as by their peers, colleagues or in the public eye. In most cases, this is achieved by marketing yourself similarly to the way a corporate brand would.


As a fashion blogger, you are aware of the importance of personal branding; how important is this to other professionals and entrepreneurs?
Having positioned yourself as a trustworthy source as an entrepreneur, people will be more inclined to bring their business to you. If you’re employed, a personal brand that shows off your best qualities and demonstrates your unique attributes will help you go up the ranks in your career.


How would you personally measure the ROI of personal image and branding?
I measure the ROI from how much my following grows and the business that comes my way.


What are the benefits of personal image and branding?
It enables you to stand out from the pack. You earn respect from your acquaintances and the general public. It puts you in a position of influence.


What are tips that entrepreneurs can adopt to start or improve their personal image and branding?
Being in the digital age, you cannot ignore social media for the power it has in building personal brands. Use social media to your advantage and share content that is in line with the brand you are looking to build. Be consistent across all channels. It wouldn’t hurt to also have a personal website that you can link to on your bio that can either act as your resume or as space where you share your opinions.

This story was first featured in the Founder360° Magazine.

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