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One of the things as Founder360° that we enshrine so much in our culture is sharing about the great businesses that are coming up in Africa.

Every day, more businesses are born on this continent, but few are known beyond their locality. The ones that are known are by virtue of having raised outside funding and thereafter attracted media attention.

But at Founder360°, we want to be at the forefront of sharing the dazzling ideas, success stories and the trailblazing startups that are transforming our continent.

In a bid to achieve this vision, we are calling on you to help us accelerate this process. Truth be told, we are one entity and we cannot reach every startup within the continent; but you as a founder can help us by sharing your inspiring story with us.

We are calling on African founders, who are already at the execution stage and beyond to pitch us their businesses and we will share your story on our platform. A potential client, a probable co-founder or even a potential investor could be watching and every new business needs either of this.

Before you pitch, below are guidelines that you have to strictly follow to earn a feature in our platform:

  • You have a unique approach to solving the prevailing issues. Better yet, a unique competitive edge over existing businesses. 
  • The startup/business needs to have been operational for at least 6 months.
  • Be open to indicate how much you started with, how much you have raised in outside funding and how much revenue your business has generated since launching.
  • Your business has a working website and/or social media platform. You simply need to have an online presence where your stakeholders can read about you.
  • Images to be used in the article should be in HD landscape format, appropriately named and attached in the same email.
  • If you are a publicist representing a startup/business that has just been launched and you have a press release for that, please send it to


Important to Note

  • Founder360° reserves the right to accept or reject any submissions that do not adhere to the above guidelines.
  • You accept the terms and conditions in relation to each and every single contribution within your submission, including but not limited to text, photographs, and illustrations sent to us.
  • Founder360° will require you to be online and share the article to your social media following.
  • We only feature startups operational in Africa. 


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