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Nigerian Startup, Pivots into B2B E-procurement With Gloopro as Its New Name

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Nigerian Startup, Pivots into B2B E-procurement With Gloopro as Its New Name

After announcing the shutting down of its e-commerce business through a series of tweets on the official twitter handle of Olumide Olusanya, the founder and CEO, Nigeria’s online grocery startup has pivoted into B2B e-procurement with Gloopro as its new name.

Gloopro is a cloud-based enterprise eProcurement and commerce platform designed to revolutionize the technological landscape of corporate purchasing in Africa. The new outfit will simply be supplying large and medium corporates with everything from desks to toilet paper.

The company will generate revenues on a monthly fee structure and a percentage on goods delivered according to a TechCrunch report.

Gloopro aims to help large and middle-market enterprises streamline purchasing processes, control costs and manage vendors related to material and/or service inputs not included in their core products and/or service.

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“It makes procurement transparent and secure. A lot of companies in Nigeria still use paper invoices and there are some shenanigans,” Olusanya told TechCrunch.

While this new outfit comes after the “fall” of e-commerce startups and DealDey, Olusanya cites Nigeria’s 2016 economic slump and a request by a customer as contributing factors to their shift from B2C to B2B.

Gloopro counts Uber Nigeria, Unilever, Cars45, and LaFarge as their clients.  

The company expects to hit US$4 million in revenue by the end of the year with panned international expansion into countries like South Africa, Kenya, Morocco, Egypt, and the Ivory Coast.

Image Credits: Gloopro

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