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Startup Feature – Kenya’s First Digital Educational Archive

Africa is today the fastest growing and among the largest mobile phone market in the world. Mobile technology is now a tool being used to create meaningful learning avenues for greater impact by distributing educational materials and enable peer-to-peer learning.

And one startup in Kenya is using technology to create a central archive for digital academic resources in Kenya.

Founded in 2017 by Charles Kabue, Achieng Cindy and Odhiambo Cliff, is a Kenyan digital archive provide timely and efficient access of books, videos, past papers, revision papers, professional papers and syllabuses from different educational institutions to students.

The platform acts as a central platform for students to access educational papers from institutions like KASNEB, Universities, Secondary Schools, and Primary Schools while also providing an avenue for independent publishers and authors to digitally sell their academic resources.

“There is currently no central archive for digital academic resources in Kenya or any medium to easily share academic resources amongst school, teachers, tutors or students hence becoming difficult to assess and analyze our education system and academic content,” says Charles Kabue.

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“Our platform simply provides an easy and targeted delivery of education news and academic information; specifically to desired and intended pupils, students, learners or guardians.”

In addition to providing revision past papers for students in primary, high school and colleges, the startup also hosts video content targeting learners at different stages.

Currently, the material hosted on the platform is free, but plans to generate revenues by creating premium content in collaboration with educators and provide them on monthly subscription model while also charging advertising revenue for other educational material.

The startup has 100 users to date and the team is capitalizing on their easy to use interface which is mobile friendly to capture more users across the country.

You can check out the platform at


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