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Startup Feature,The On-Demand Home and Laundry Cleaning Service Service

Kisafi is on-demand cleaning service launched in mid-2016 in Nairobi that allows you to request for laundry and home cleaning services through their app. Kisafi is a Swahili word meaning “clean” partners with the best scrutinized professional cleaners to deliver quality cleaning straight from your phone to your home.

Kisafi allows you not only to save time but it also serves as an efficient means when it comes to sorting out the hassle of the daily chores. Moreover, all these services can be ordered either through their app, WhatsApp or even email. Of course, the app provides a more convenient means of requesting their services.

Once the app has been downloaded, you can register your personal details and request for the service. The app interface provides you with two service options i.e. Home cleaning and laundry cleaning.  The app allows you to pick the date and time you would want the services to be done; and in the case of laundry, you can even specify whether you would want machine wash, hand wash or even dry cleaning. When it comes to home cleaning, Kisafi gives you the ability to specify the number of rooms and cabinets you want to be cleaned and cleaners will have body camera to take full footage of the service being done.

“I wake up in the morning and ask myself, how far can I push myself to the company to the next level” – Janet Otieno


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Kisafi has significantly made laundry stress-free and time efficient while at the same time giving you a premium service at an affordable rate far much better than what you would get in the traditional dry cleaning companies.  The Idea came up as the founders were in Kenya renting an Airbnb facility and encountered difficulties when they wanted efficient and convenient laundry services. Noticing the gap in the market, the idea was birthed and propelled by personal funding and seed capital from an angel investor. Kisafi founders are from Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria and the U.S with backgrounds in Business Administration, Engineering, and Marketing. The Kenyan outfit is led by Janet Otieno with the ultimate goal to dominate East, Central, and West Africa.  At 8 months old, Kisafi is processing more than 1000 orders per month at the time of this interview and this is set to grow as new areas have started requesting for their services.

In the midst of the success, Kisafi has encountered tons of hitches and snags along the way. “Getting partners who offer quality services and deliver on time has been one of our greatest challenges,” says Janet Otieno, Kisafi co-founder. This has not only served as a risk too but has also slowed down their expansion into other towns. The only way to verify the quality of services of a prospective partner is to individually take their laundry and evaluates the work. They’ve also elaborated to Founder360° that they’ve also been able to eliminate risk by getting their own laundry machine to counter when a partner fails to deliver within the stipulated time.

But in all these, the founders have been able to learn a lot along the way; “We believe in testing new ideas here and here and go with the one that works for us” Femi says.

“We believe in testing new ideas here and here and go with the one that works for us,” Femi says.

And this what entrepreneurship is all about, you are never sure of the future, but being optimistic is the key driving force that allows one to test potential opportunities hoping that one will definitely work.

With the professional lifestyle becoming busier, maintaining a balance between work and personal time has become a challenge and Kisafi has been timely to seize this situation and offload some of these challenges from the masses. The fact that you don’t have time to do your laundry and you still need fresh clothes every morning is a reason enough to download this app and start requesting this innovative service.

Kisafi is breaking the ceiling, climbing new heights, embracing the uncharted territories and most importantly meeting the needs of “muddy” clients.

Find more about Kisafi here.

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