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Kenyan SaaS Startup UzaPoint Unveils Mobile App With POS, E-Commerce Functions

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Kenyan SaaS Startup UzaPoint Unveils Mobile App With POS, E-Commerce Functions

UzaPoint, a SaaS startup with an ERP tool for SME’s has launched the “UP Duka” mobile application for local shop owners that combines both Point of Sale (POS) and E-Commerce functions in one platform.  

The mobile application will enable shop owners to manage their physical shop’s inventory, sales, purchases, expenses, creditors, debtors among many other cumbersome day’s operations. Over and above this, on signing up, the retailer will also get a free e-commerce page which is integrated with both mobile money and card payments.

The application is aimed at enhancing the efficiency, accountability, profitability and intelligence of small and medium-sized retail businesses across Africa.

“With the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, we have seen the rise of E-Commerce. Most physical shops have been forced to either close, open very few hours due to curfews or open with a small team to maintain social distance. Businesses have therefore been forced to stop relying heavily on their traditional brick and motor way of running their business and quickly adapt to having their shops online.” Says Abraham Mbuthia, the founder and CEO.

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“When we surveyed with some of our merchants in Nairobi CBD, most of them told us that they have social media accounts where they advertise their wide variety of products and encourage customers to buy. They then take these customer leads to chat platforms, share with them a wider variety of products to choose from and then they communicate with them about how to pay and how goods will be delivered. They informed us that this customer sales process can be quite hectic and exhausting especially for a business with so many enquiries and so many orders at a time.” He added.  

UzaPoint built this new platform based on the feedback they got from the survey. The E-commerce feature will help merchants manage this online sales process efficiently, allowing them to close more orders, with less hustle, in the shortest time possible.

UzaPoint Dashboard

UzaPoint Dashboard

Moreover, they will still be able to post their products on their social media pages while UzaPoint provides the direct E-Commerce link on their pages that their customers can access a variety of items to choose from, make payment and have goods delivered automatically.

The merchant will also be accountable of various order status i.e. processed, in delivery and all that has been completed. Also, the real-time consolidated business intelligence reports will inform them of the products that are fast-moving, higher margins, which ones need to be replenished and so much more.

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Founded in 2016, UzaPoint enables businesses to make more informed decision through the business intelligence tool which gives them real-time information about their sales and stock levels enabling efficiency and profitability.

UP Duka has a 30-day free trial and thereafter charge a subscription of as low as US$5 (Kshs. 500) a month for the POS and as low as 5% for both mobile money and credit card for E-commerce payment transactions.  

“Currently, we have slightly over 200 merchants on the platform but we target that through this release we shall be able to sign up at least 2,000 businesses by the end of the year 2020.”

The application is available in the Google Play Store from Wednesday and will present in the Apple Store by 10th June 2020.

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