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Kenya to Launch National e-sports League in July 2019

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Kenya to Launch National e-sports League in July 2019

The e-sports Kenya Federation (ESKF) is set to launch the country’s first e-sports league in July 2019, a step towards participating in her debut international e-sports competition.

The e-sports federation which was launched about 10 months ago will soon unveil a 16-team e-sports league in the country.

This was revealed by Babong Ojwang, the Founder and CEO of e-sports Kenya Federation (ESKF).

“We are letting corporates own the (league) teams and run the teams to make them as competitive as possible and giving the athletes the chance to showcase themselves,” said Ojwang.

Short for electronic sports, esports is competitive video gaming at the professional level. In the same way that conventional sports like tennis and golf hold tournaments for the top players in the world to compete in for cash prizes and notoriety, esports do the same, bringing individual players or teams of players together to do battle in competitive video games.

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According to Newzoo, global revenues in the eSports industry is set to hit U$1 billion this year; and while the sport is still nascent in Africa, there have been various developments aimed at growing the sport in the continent.  An example is when Kenya hosted the first international multiplayer video game tournament in 2017 and recently, Sylvia Wahome (Queen Arrow) became the first female pro gamer in Kenya and Africa to be recruited by US-based esports team XiT Wounds.

Ojwang indicated that there has been no African team in global tournaments and the federation is fast-tracking the compliance process to enable their participation in the world championships in Seoul, South Korea, towards the end of 2019.

“We are trying to comply with the international e-sports federation so that we can participate in the international e-sports world championships.”

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