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Introducing Dependent Variable Podcast Season 2


Introducing Dependent Variable Podcast Season 2

Founder360° has partnered with Dependent Variable Podcast in the distribution of the second season of the data science-focused podcast.

Dependent Variable Podcast shares stories and strong opinions about great data science projects happening in Africa providing inspiring anecdotes on how to turn the ‘Almighty Data‘ into ideas that solve problems within our society.

In season 2, episode 1, Dependent Variable Podcast chats with Batatunde Ekemode from Africa’s Talking on effective and viable data engineering.

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Episode description:

Data engineering has recently stood out as a differentiating factor for effective and commercially viable Data science practice in companies gearing up for scale. Data engineering is without a doubt the most important cog that keeps the data science wheel moving.

Yet, being practical and effective in this sub-field of data science remains quite demanding owing to the steep learning curve it is associated with and it’s associated expenses. That is why is this episode, an analytics lead and accomplished data engineer Babatunde Ekemode, Cate Gitau, Anthony Odhiambo, and Victor Mochengo sat down and touched on:

1) A quick roundup of Deep Learning Indaba

2) What does a data engineer really do & how does s/he add commercial value to a business?

3) Differentiating a data engineer, data analyst and data scientist and the case of data ninjas who can do it all!

4) In what order to recruit data professionals? Data engineer, analyst or scientist who comes first? Do software engineers make better transitions to data engineering?

5) How to monetize data skills and establish a clear Return On Investment case for data & data engineering

6) Knowledge stack that makes a good data engineer

7) What’s a data engineer’s work toolkit and process flow like? Deliberately setting up quality data processes in line with domain expertise

8) Setting up cost-effective data architectures and choosing the right tools

9) Challenges in data engineering and how to mitigate them

10) How is data engineering shaping up over the next 5 years

Listen to the podcast now: 

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