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In Brief: GreenTec Capital Partners Launches Foundation to Promote Investment into African Entrepreneurship

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In Brief: GreenTec Capital Partners Launches Foundation to Promote Investment into African Entrepreneurship

GreenTec Capital Partners has launched a non-profit organization to promote investment in African.

Dubbed GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation, the non-profit outfit will have its activities in Europe and Africa with the goal of driving the creation of economic and social added-value.

The foundation’s team has worked closely with African entrepreneurship ecosystem players, investors, and corporates from Europe and Africa as well as public and private institutions.

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Thomas Festerling, GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation’s CEO said,

“Investing in African entrepreneurs can bring a manifold of positive outcomes in the form of economic success; for investment and for local value. In order to invest or to receive investment, it is crucial to have the right knowledge, the right partners and local and global visibility. With the GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation, we strive to create an environment in which all of this is accessible to entrepreneurs, investors and established companies. We know the pitfalls and ways to navigate these through our experience gained at GreenTec Capital Partners. We are open to collaborating with organizations who see the value in the approach we are taking and are willing to make a long-term difference.”

Through the foundation, Investors and companies will benefit from shared knowledge and expertise with regards to investments in African entrepreneurship through collaboration with the foundation’s efforts.

Moreover, the GreenTec Capital Africa Foundation organically collaborates with public and private institutions to fulfil joint missions, improving time-to-impact ratios through strengthened partnership contributions.

Founded in 2015, GreenTec Capital Partners focuses on promising and impactful African Startups, providing a unique low-cost acquisition model that turns under the radar Startups into sustainable companies.

As of today, GreenTec Capital Partners has invested in 17 companies in 10 countries including Yusudi, Bismart, AgroCenta and Farmcrowdy.

Image Credits: GreenTec

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