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Garment Technology Firm, ThreadSol Set to Introduce Innovative Apparel Software Solutions at Nairobi Expo

Garment Technology Firm, ThreadSol Set to Introduce Innovative Apparel Software Solutions at Nairobi Expo


Garment Technology Firm, ThreadSol Set to Introduce Innovative Apparel Software Solutions at Nairobi Expo

ThreadSol, the pioneer in enterprise material management for sewn products’ industry, will be participating in Origin Africa 2018 from 9th September to 11th September at booth #46 where they will introduce its range of innovative software solutions for the apparel manufacturers.

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in Singapore, ThreadSol creates innovative and intelligent solutions for apparel brands and manufacturers resulting in the direct impact on their profitability.

ThreadSol’s outlook is to introduce technologically driven products to drive African apparel manufacturing by boosting topline and bottom line for manufacturers and differentiate from the extremely competitive environment for breakthrough profits and improved customer service at Origin Africa 2018.

“Our presence at Origin Africa is a proof of our commitment to the apparel industry, especially the African apparel industry. The solutions we are offering at the Expo demonstrates that we are continuously aiming to accomplish our customer’s requirements to aid them in overcoming the challenges of the industry and increase profitability by targeting the biggest expense in manufacturing- fabric”, says Anas Shakil, Senior Partner at ThreadSol.

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With challenges like high electricity prices, limited access to finance, infrastructural obstacles, challenging logistics, and for non-EPZ companies, complex regulations, it is extremely crucial for apparel manufacturers in Kenya to realize the importance of cost saving and increasing their output. In addition, labor skill is another challenge. It is important to understand and implement automation which can provide more efficiency and high yield in the long run.

ThreadSol solutions, intelloBuy, and intelloCut together work with the notion to boost revenue and profits for apparel manufacturers. The solutions work for the buying floor and cutting floor respectively and ensure a reduction in fabric expenses at the buying stage and cutting off extra garment pieces at the cutting stage. The overall benefit is the automation of the buying and cutting process which ultimately saves hours of manpower in the facilities.

These solutions have been adopted by the top manufacturers worldwide like MAS (Sri Lanka), Epic Group (Bangladesh), Raymond (India), PAN Brothers (Indonesia), HS Fashions (China), Sangwoo (Vietnam) etc.

“We at ThreadSol bring up to 80% reduction in planning time to ensure that the manufacturing cost goes down and hence the profits go up by 30-40%”, adds Anas Shakil.

ThreadSol’s participation in Origin Africa is a step further to market its solutions to the potential manufacturers who can now invest in ThreadSol’s innovative solutions to reinvent their manufacturing efficiency and boost profit margins.

To meet team ThreadSol at Origin Africa, register here.

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