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Startup Feature – Nigeria’s First On-Demand Photo-Videography Service

Digital photography has been on a steady growth for the past 10 years creating new and insightful opportunities around the world. The availability of affordable cameras and software has catapulted this trend thereafter creating job and entrepreneurial opportunities, particularly in Africa.

According to a report by Zion Market Research, Global digital photography market is expected to reach USD 110.79 billion in 2021, growing at a CAGR of 6.1% between 2016 and 2021.

Social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Tumblr are helping drive digital photography market growth in the region. As the trend rises, the industry continues to be flooded by both amateur and professional photo-videographers. Getting the services of a high-quality photographer/videographer without necessarily asking several people is proving to be a pain and an inefficient process.

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A startup that has capitalized on this problem is Nigerian based connects you in real-time with talented professional photographers and videographers around at an affordable price. Founded in mid-2017, by Abdulrasheed Adeola; the startup leverages on technology to create fast automated booking process, with affordable price packages using reliable professionals to deliver photography and videography services to clients.

“There is no easy access to finding and booking professional photographers and videographers without knowing someone that knows someone that knows a photographer.”

Abdulrasheed Adeola who after many years of taking photos and videos realized that the industry is crowded with a lot of photographers and videographers proving difficult to easily and efficiently find a cameraman  

“Our solution is plain and simple; we serve as an intermediary between you the client a list of the top cameramen at your location in just a click or rather few clicks.”

How it works!

The photographer or videographer provides their personal and professional details on the platform including the type of camera they use. has put in place measures to make sure that only high-quality photographers and videographers are listed on the platform.


On the other side, the client uses the online platform to book for the services; this includes furnishing their details of when and where the event will be and also the date and time. uses its own inbuilt advanced search algorithm that will be backed to the client’s taste so that they get their preferred cameraman based on their location and price reference among other options.

The photographer/videographer will appear at the location to capture the moments and thereafter will deliver the photos to the clients in either soft or hard copy. generates revenue through a commission of 20% they charge on each booking.  The startup also offers additional subscription services on studio space and a collection of license-free pictures or videos.

“As a brand that is new to the Nigerian market, the growth rate has been slow but definitely rising. Over 20 returning users have had their moments recorded accurately in still/moving pictures.”

The team of 4 is planning to enlist over 10,000 Photographers/Videographers on the platform across the world within the next 3 years, hoping to serve every household who needs their moments captured.

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