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Airbnb Lists Malindi among World’s Top Destination to Travel in 2020


Airbnb Lists Malindi among World’s Top Destination to Travel in 2020

Kenya’s coastal touristic town, Malindi has been listed by Airbnb among the world’s top destinations to travel in 2020. The town which was listed at 19 is the only African destination on this annual list.

Malindi is home to a multicultural melting pot of African, Arab and European residents, and stunning natural beauty.

According to Airbnb, this historical Kenyan port town introduces travellers to the country’s diverse aquatic wildlife in Malindi Marine National Park, making it an idyllic spot for divers. Known for its Swahili architecture, fresh-caught seafood, and natural wonders like the Marafa Depression – also known as Hell’s Kitchen — this pristine beach town is much more than a laid-back sunny retreat.

Every year, the global travel industry disruptor Airbnb, releases the world’s top destinations to travel. Based on a combination of searches, bookings and wish lists growth data, they forecast growing interest in more off-the-beaten-path regions, cities and towns to explore.

Ranging from post-industrial culture hubs like Milwaukee and Guadalajara to emerging destinations that are benefiting from an increase in sustainable tourism, the 2020 list is full of surprises and hidden gems.

Topping the list is Milwaukee, a coastal city in the U.S. According to Airbnb, this historic gem on the shores of Lake Michigan often slips under the radar but has a terrific bar and restaurant scene and fascinating cultural attractions that include a Calatrava-designed art museum. And with over 105 miles of scenic bike lanes, it’s easy to see why Milwaukee is experiencing an upsurge in interest among guests on Airbnb.

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Following secondly is Bilbao, a Spanish city. The Basque city transformation from rust belt city to flourishing culture hub is truly remarkable. The city’s Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim Museum put Bilbao on the map when it opened back in 1997. Since then the city has been on an ever-upward ascent, winning the European City of the Year in 2018. Visitors to the area are rewarded with a lively dining scene, breathtaking architecture and an unforgettable cityscape. Next year, Bilbao will also become a top destination for sports fans:

Below are the other top trending destinations for 2020 based on year-over-year growth in bookings*:

  1. Milwaukee, WI, US
  2. Bilbao, Spain
  3. Buriram, Thailand
  4. Sunbury, Victoria, Australia
  5. Romania
  6. Xi’an, China
  7. Eugene, OR, US
  8. Luxembourg
  9. Guadalajara, Mexico
  10. Vanuatu
  11. Cali, Colombia
  12. Cape Canaveral, FL, US
  13. Aberdeen, Scotland
  14. Courtenay, BC, Canada
  15. Ubatuba, Brazil
  16. Les Contamines-Montjoie, France
  17. Tokyo, Japan
  18. Kerala, India
  19. Malindi, Kenya
  20. Maastricht, Netherlands


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