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After 10 years, She Finally Quit Her Job to Build One of Africa’s Leading Travel House

After 10 years, She Finally Quit Her Job to Build One of Africa’s Leading Travel House

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After 10 years, She Finally Quit Her Job to Build One of Africa’s Leading Travel House

Densey provides a range of travel products which includes a choice of more than 150 airlines and over 65,000 hotels, holiday packages, car rentals, and travel insurance.

Through this series dubbed, Daily Grind Founder360° CEO and Head of Content Vallency F. Otieno chats with Young Successful entrepreneurs and frontrunners on various topics including actionable steps on driving sales, exceptionable leadership strategies and staying afloat through the obstacles among others.

After working in the hospitality for the last 10 years, Jackline Cherop decided it’s time to quit and spend some time off to reflect on her future. While she was passionate about the industry she was in, she felt a void in her career life that needed to be fulfilled, something that led her to register a business while still keeping a day job.

This was the birth of Densey Tours, one of the leading African travel house that specializes in conducting tours and travel locally and worldwide. Densey provides a range of travel products which includes a choice of more than 150 airlines and over 65,000 hotels, holiday packages, car rentals, and travel insurance.

The last born in a family of six who was raised by her grandmother, passionate believes that starting Densey Tour is the most achievement she’s has.

“There has been tremendous personal growth; starting Densey was my great achievement as I didn’t know how it will do in the market, and since inception, the company has grown each year serving a variety of clientele including within the corporate and the luxury world.”

Jackline Cherop shares valuable lessons learned while building one of Africa’s leading travel house.

What in Particular drove you to venture into entrepreneurship / starting your own?

I really wanted some time off for my family, I had contemplated quitting my job to be a stay at home mum. After finally quitting my job, clients kept calling me and wanted me to continue serving them, While I did not start looking for a new job, I also couldn’t go back to my previous one and this forced me to start Densey Tours and Travel which I had already registered earlier on.

What are some of the actionable steps one can use to make their personal and company profile be heard/known?

Usually, word of mouth works well for a new startup company since you are limited with resources to do the big marketing campaigns. Once you serve your customers well, they refer the company to the family and friends and that is how you start being recognized; the other measure is social media- nowadays it is easier for marketing a new company through social media channels, Once the company is grown you can now start with other kinds of marketing activities like Brochures, magazines etc.

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Sales are important for any business to thrive. What are some of the sales techniques /strategies do you use when hunting for new clients?

Get the right sales team of people who are self-starters. I personally did sales as my degree so this boost when going out to hunt for clients. We also ensure we are visible to most of our prospect clients by sending emails, attending functions, calling them for follow-ups.

In addition, we capitalize on social media to hunt for new clients by promoting our services like providing packages.

What kind of strategies do you use to move forward when you experience a setback? How do you stay afloat?

I have come to learn that failure is usually part of the learning and moving forward, you will not know how good you are at something unless you have tried; So when I experience a setback, usually give my mind a break then get the team to reflect on what went wrong and thereafter create lessons learned from it so we can avoid such failures in future.

What do you think are some of the mistakes that young people do when they venture into entrepreneurship?

I think peer pressure should be the first; when you see your friend started a business and doing well, you also want to do the same thing forgetting that we are all different; there are those good in entrepreneurship and there are those good at working- Learn yourself.

Also starting a business in an industry you are not familiar with is another factor. It is easier to start a business in an environment you understand and this will make it easier to cut unnecessary costs as you can do most of the work by yourself as opposed to employing lots of people when starting.

Patience is also a virtue that should be exercised by an entrepreneur as you can start the company today and expect to do well few months down the line, it need a lot of patience and sacrifice to make a business work.

 As a CEO with a team under you, what are some of the leadership blind spots you have faced and how do (did) you overcome them?

Most of the blind spots just like in any organization will include, Lack of commitment e.g. not honoring reporting time, blaming others when there is a problem that has come up, tolerating the good enough stand, e.g. low standards of performance, and being insensitive.

We try to overcome them by making our communication lines open for all our staff, you don’t need appointments, we also get feedback from each person individually to identify triggers, then offer team building and training.

How do you manage to keep being competitive in your industry (niche)?

By getting the right workforce who are well equipped with the market/trends and who can also be able to offer all the services, friendly and with approachable personality, as what we offer is a service and as they say, the first impression lasts

Most importantly, we compete on service provision and not price.

Image Credits: Kuza Biashara

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