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African Startups Invited to Apply for the US$22,000 Prize AFD Digital Challenge

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African Startups Invited to Apply for the US$22,000 Prize AFD Digital Challenge

African startups have been invited to apply for the French Agency for Development digital challenge on digital solutions that promotes the development of inclusive and sustainable cities in Africa.

“The creation of sustainable cities and communities is a major challenge in view of the massive urbanization affecting the African continent. In fact, the vulnerabilities related to the centralization of populations are numerous and more particularly in a global context of climatic instability.” AFD Stated.

The challenge is looking for startups that are within the following categories:

Creating quality urban services: The development of digital tools that focus on creating or improving sustainable and efficient public services. Examples: Waste collection services, Innovative urban transportation, Access to water.

Urban Planning for the most vulnerable: The use of digital technology to improve the knowledge of the city, facilitate the local decision making and improve the risk and disaster management. Examples: Satellite imaging, Participatory or community mapping, Participatory alert system in the context of a health or environmental disaster.

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Stimulation of local economic development: The development of digital services that stimulate local economic activity. Examples: Urban tourism, Valorisation of architectural or natural heritage, Agri-food sector in the city (product designations of origin, traceability, etc.).

Improving the relationship between the citizens and local authorities: Use of digital technology to improve exchanges between local authorities and citizens. Examples: E-governance, E-government, Electronic Administration.

The ideal project should be in the process of prototyping, launching on the market or expanding into other territories with a legal structure as well as a sustainable and autonomous business model.

The 10 winning startups will secure approximately US$22,000 (€ 20,000) each in addition to getting international visibility and a tailor-made support program.

The deadline to apply is 18th November 2019 and interested startups can apply here.

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