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8 Business Ideas You Can Easily Start Today While Still Keeping Your Day Job

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8 Business Ideas You Can Easily Start Today While Still Keeping Your Day Job

Starting a business is an involving and tiring process that will take up all your time and energy. Most of the time it would require your 24 hours and 7 days full commitment.

While this is the case, it should never hinder you to venture into the business while still keeping your 8 – 5-day job. You can actually start a business while still maintaining your day job and build it till when you are ready to quit your job.

Business ideas are all around us. They grow from the simplest of the ideas to great business. Great entrepreneurs get new ideas by just looking at the problems facing their societies.  

Nothing in this world is new. It could be the same idea and apply it differently and in a better way. Facebook was not the first social platform but it surely is the one that was able to grasp the market well.

Still wondering what business ideas you can start with while still maintaining your day job, here at Founder360°, we have compiled a list of business ideas you can use and how to practically develop them into a real and profitable business.

You can leverage your skills and passions to develop these ideas into great businesses and the best thing about them is that anyone can start them from anywhere.



There’s a demand for photographers for special events like weddings, general events or even stock photography etc. If you have a knack for photography then this is also a sure way of creating a business. The first thing is to figure out what type of photography you would want to do since the industry is flooded.

You can either decided to buy a camera or just hire one depending on how you are financial. When it comes to marketing your business, since this is very core to the photography business, one has to use a multiple of different mediums with social media (particularly Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest being the center of it all.

You can choose to have blog/website together with listing your posts on stock third-party platforms like Shutter stock, iStock, Getty images and even Pixabay.


Graphics Designing

Businesses are sprouting up from every corner of the globe. And most of these founders do not have time to sit down and develop their logos, letterheads, newsletters, infographics, memes, magazine or graphics related work. This makes this lucrative business idea for graphic designers who can easily start part-time to full-time engagement.

The only additional thing you will need apart from a laptop and the relevant software (Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator) is continuous sprucing up of your skills and continue mind-update of trends.

The best ways of marketing your business are through social media, word of mouth and listing up in freelance websites like Upwork and Kuhustle and even set up your website/blog and have your work listed there.

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Book Keeping

If you are a budding accountant, you do not have to wait until you are employed to start making a living. As long as you work on your skills, you can be a liberator to many businesses especially startups that do not hire full-time accountants in their early stages.

Once you have a computer, particularly a laptop, have at least extensive knowledge of Excel and even Quick-books, then go ahead market yourself in accelerators and hubs where most startups are based.

Book Keeping - Founder360

Image Credits: Steve Buissinne|Pixabay

People will mostly learn about you based on the word of mouth. And based on experience, this is the kind of business that you can do freelancing while still in college or even working full-time before embarking on it full time.

In addition, no one wants to be gotten flat-footed by the tax authorities for not filing their tax returns. It only requires you to master the process and the latest tax regulations and enjoy crunching numbers; this applies to both small businesses and individuals.


Social Media Management

This involves sharing content and responding to customers on various social media platforms.  Most businesses today prefer using social media to engage their customers since it provides a reliable and efficient way of satisfying their client needs.  

As a social media manager, you need to be spending a lot of time on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc. since one needs to know the current trends and not only monitor the social accounts and post stories but also help businesses build their social following. This can be done freelance or even create your own firm for this.


Hair / Make-Up Stylist

A hairstylists business can be the beginning of a great and successful salon that everyone would want to come to. This is one business that requires skill, creativity, and passion to make it come to life.

And if you have these skills then go ahead and spread the information to your friends by actually working with your friends as your main clients. You leverage on social media to share the fine work you are doing.

All these you can do without necessarily having a physical location, but as you continue to grow then you will need to rent or build a physical shop which will serve as your hub. You can also have a movable truck that can also use to attend to clients.

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Delivery /Errands Service

In today’s busy lifestyles a lot working people don’t have time for even the simplest of errands like buying gifts for loved ones, shopping for a family, paying bills or even taking kids to and from school.

Errands and delivery services are one of the simplest business ideas to start. It requires one to have a cell phone and an efficient means of transport (which could be either a bicycle, motorcycle or a vehicle).

These coupled with trust and good customer service will build you a successful errands service. When starting, it’s advisable to start in a community, probably a closed estate where you can market yourself using printed brochures and business cards hand-delivered hand to houses.

In addition to houses, you can engage with startup communities like accelerators and hubs. With this business, you can either charge hourly, per mileage or even add emergency services fee at a high rate.



In this competitive world, high grades are not an option. That’s why college and high schools students are in continuous need of extra classes to excel. With tutoring, you do not need to be an expert in everything, you can specialize in one or two related subjects like maths and economics.

Tutoring - Founder360

Image Credits: nugroho dwi hartawan|Pixabay

In addition to listing your services online, you can also print brochures and hand-deliver them to houses located in your community.

If you have 5 students at a time, then you can use a referral to spread the work extensively. Charges could be per hour and additional charges for any extra hours.



Everything right now to do with technology has a programming essence on it. And that is why there’s a push around the world for people to pursue programming in whatever capacity.

Once you are able to learn a few languages and become good at them, then you’ll be able to take this as a business opportunity worthy to pursue.

You can start freelancing then ultimately set up your firm. Most programmers will charge per hour and per project.

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