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5 Rising TravelTech Startups in Africa Worth Following

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5 Rising TravelTech Startups in Africa Worth Following

The travel and tourism industry in Africa has made significant progress over the last ten years due to the continent’s richness in natural resources and the potential to further develop its cultural heritage.

Consumer spending on tourism hospitality, and recreation in Africa is projected to reach about US$261.77 billion by 2030.  

This has largely been driven by the rise in technology adoption which has propelled the use of digital tools for bookings. This is more so by the rising number of startups in Africa that are using technology to innovate and disrupt the travel industry.

While funding in this sector is still embryonic, these traveltech startups are changing the way we plan, book, purchase and experience holiday destinations in the continent.

Here are the 5 rising traveltech startups in Africa worth following.



Cloud9xp is an online marketplace, booking service and distributor for leisure experiences in Kenya

Founded in 2015 by Tesh Mbaabu and Collins Mesongo, the startup provides a platform where anyone can book online “High on Life” experience such as flying, adventure, extreme outdoor activities handpicked by their seasonal experience masters.

Through their web and mobile platforms, one can explore hundreds of experiences across different categories, for different seasons or occasions, and book instantly.



FomoTravel - Founder360

Fomo.Travel is a TravelTech startup based in South Africa that provides a saving platform for travellers to pay for future travel experiences.

Founded in late 2016 by Andrew Katzwinkel, they uniquely allow users who want to travel in future to pay in small instalments over a predetermined period of time enabling users to afford their dream holidays.

The company has partnered with various travel partners to offer the holidays packages directly from their platform allowing users to directly book and pay for their holidays.

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Timbuktu Travel

Timbuktu Travel - Founder360

Timbuktu Travel is an online travel planning startup that allows travellers from the UK, US and the greater Europe area design and customizes their own trips to Africa.

The company which was born in 2016 by Johnny Prince, Ian Petzer and Giles Trotter, allows these travellers, to explore and build their own safari, regardless of experience or budget, while saving money along the way.

The startup has not only raised approx. US$ 252,000 from CRE Ventures but in 2018, they were selected to take part in World Bank’s XL Africa accelerator programme.


Tastemakers Africa

Tastemakers Africa - Founder360

Tastemakers Africa is an online experiences marketplace that offers unique tours created and hosted by artists, creators, and makers in Africa and beyond.

The startup offers users more than travel by providing the chance to connect in authentic ways like exploring nightlife with a DJ, learning food traditions from a chef, or experiencing living history with an icon.

The startup which is headquartered in New York with operational bases in Accra, Cape Town, Dakar, and Johannesburg was founded in 2016 by Cherae Robinson and Jeremiah Myers, and has raised US$ 980,000 seed capital led by Precursor Ventures and CRE Ventures. 



Travelbeta - Founder360 is a premium online travel agency in Nigeria that aims to make the process of booking flights, hotels and trip easy and quick while delivering memorable travel experiences to all customers without exception.

Founded in 2015 by David Asuku, Onyeka Akumah and Wale Ayorinde, the company provides aggregated products from around the world including access to cheaper flight fares, premium destination hotels, holiday packages, visa support services and even travel insurance among other add-on services. 

The company has raised US$2 million seed round led by Nigerian investment firm Altheus Limited. 


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