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4 Financial Personality Types, Which One are You? (Quiz)

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4 Financial Personality Types, Which One are You? (Quiz)

Are you making the right personal financial decisions with your hard earned money? How is your personal and emotional relationship with money? Have you ever questioned why you handle money the way you do? Are you a saver who gets satisfaction every time you look at your growing account balances or you are you are the shopaholic who finds pleasure when you buy things on impulse and pay little attention to the future?

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How you relate with money could determine your decisions on saving, investing and spending behaviour.

Our habits, affinities, and actions ultimately result in creating our financial profile. Unless you become aware of your financial personality, your attitude and behaviour might not change into maturity throughout your life

At Founder360°, we have developed a 7 quiz question to map your current financial health and start your journey towards financial responsibility.

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