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11 Best Coworking Spaces in Nairobi Entrepreneurs Can Work From


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11 Best Coworking Spaces in Nairobi Entrepreneurs Can Work From

A coworking space provides flexible payments options with no need for signing any kind of leases or deposits thereafter managing efficiency in your cash flows.

Renting a traditional office will require the need for signing long-term leases accompanied by a huge deposit amount which is mostly not in sync with most of the startups. But a coworking space provides flexible payments options with no need for signing any kind of leases or deposits thereafter managing efficiency in your cash flows.

Whether you are a freelancer or an already established business, you can rent or sign for membership from one day up to one month and experience other benefits like high-speed internet, access to a shared printer, meeting rooms and free refreshments.

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With the growth of the startup ecosystem, so as this precipitated the growth of coworking spaces in Nairobi. This has been largely necessitated by the need for affordable flexible office spaces and the need for collaboration.

And these are some of the best coworking spaces for entrepreneurs in Kenya.


Nairobi Garage

Price Range: US$20 per day to US$250 per month

Nairobi Garage

Image Credit: Nairobi Garage

Nairobi Garage is one of the most vibrant and largest co-working spaces in Nairobi.  The coworking space is designed to offer an open-plan office with special areas for privacy and group work.

In Addition to benefits like24-hour access, high-speed internet, and refreshments, members also get to receive accounting and legal services offered in-house as per the package one selects. Nairobi Garage has two locations and hosts startups such as Mdundo, Umati Capital and iRokoTv among others.

Location: Ngong Road and Westlands


Price Range: US$2 per hour to US$700 per month


Image Credit: iHub

iHub is an innovative tech hub serving as a connection point for technologists, investors, young entrepreneurs, designers, researchers, and programmers. The iHub co-working space offers members avenues for can receiving mentorship, business support services, product development workshops, events and access to startup funding in partnership with other venture firms. 

Location: Senteu Plaza, Galana / Lenana Road Junction


Price Range:$7 to $100 per month


Image Credit: Nailab

Nailab is a business incubator that offers an entrepreneurial program focussing on growing innovative ideas into thriving global competitive businesses through their incubation and accelerator programs. Nailab also offers innovative and vibrant workspaces to work from that includes both individual and groups. They also offer event spaces business and tech-based that can accommodate up to 100 people. 

Location: Bishop Magua Centre, Ngong Road

Nexus Co-work

Price Range: US$20 per day to over US$200 per month.

Nexus Co-work

Image Credit: Nexus Co-work

Inspired by the need for freedom to create and leverage opportunities to be resourceful within our tribe and plug into the bigger ecosystem, Nexus Co-work is built for people and organizations that are passionate about changing the world through entrepreneurship and innovation.  

Location: Riara Corporates Suites Building, Riara Road

The Mint Hub

Price Range: US$70 to US$2,000 per month

The Mint Hub

Image Credit: The Mint Hub

The Mint Hub offers both office space and virtual office for startups, entrepreneurs, and the creatives. In addition to private offices and club membership, packages involve virtual assistants, messengers, parcel delivery, and collection. Their price ranges from.

Location: Western Heights Building, Karuna Road, Westlands

The Twig Cowork

Price Range: US$20 per day to US$250 per monthly

The Twig CoWork

Image Credit: The Twig CoWork

This is a co-working space that has been built by a team of artists, designers, and engineers targeting start-ups and seasoned businesses. The Twig Cowork offers a range of flexible membership options allowing month-to-month agreements and providing space enough to host up to 150+ people.

Location: West End Towers, Waiyaki Way

The Foundry Africa

Price Range: US$200 to US$350 per month

The Foundry

Image Credit: The Foundry

The Foundry Africa offers premier office spaces for startups, small business and freelancing providing a robust and supportive community of innovators. The Foundry Africa provides both fully furnished and customizable lockable private offices and work desks for freelancers. 

Location: Nelleon Place, Rhapta Road, Westlands

Workstyle Africa

Price Range: US$25 per day to US$400 per month


Image Credit: Workstyle

Workstyle is the new entrant in the Kenyan coworking space community. They offer a variety of packages that include among other benefits like in-house legal, auditing and consulting services. 

Location: Westlands


Price Range: Starts at US$100 per month.

Image Credit: Ikigai

Ikigai is a coworking office space in Nairobi that promotes wellness by creating workspaces that blend into the natural environment.

They offer creative and unique working spaces blended into an outdoor setting while promoting community, productivity, socializing and collaboration. Ikigai Nairobi aims to be the destination that supports wellbeing in the workplace.

Location: Westlands and Lavington


Price Range: US$75 to US$200 per month.

Image Credit: Axlr8

Axlr8 is a coworking space designed to foster the optimal collaborative environment for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Location: Kilimani

The Hive

Price Range: US$30 to US$75 per month.

Image Credit: The Hive

The Hive is a premier Co-Working space that provides a serene, sophisticated and upmarket premise where entrepreneurs, freelancers, and startups can share a collaborative environment to drive success in their businesses without the hassle of dealing with setting up and managing offices.

Location: Westlands

This is an updated version of an earlier article on the same. 

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